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The humans strike back: Maybe robots aren’t taking over the world?

Air Date: Oct 07, 2017

While the Amazon empire of robotic efficiency and delivery drones seems like it’s taking over the world, Best Buy has made a bounce back by re-introducing the human element to the retail experience. This human element is a big part of the potential value provided by financial advisors. Also, Financial Engines advisor Gary Murphy joins the show to talk about small, simple steps investors can take to help grow retirement savings regardless of income level.

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The humans strike back: Maybe robots aren’t taking over the world? – Bob was almost shocked during his recent visit to Best Buy: it was actually busy! While Amazon focuses on speed, low prices, and more choices, Best Buy is competing by emphasizing the human element, particularly when it comes to giving people advice. What’s the value of this behavioral coaching when it comes to investing?

Every record is meant to be broken – The oldest living person, Violet Brown, recently passed away at 117 years and 189 days. Of course, this leads to a NEW oldest living person, named Nabi Tajima. These are record numbers, of course, but the trend of increased longevity is very real, which has profound implications on your investing strategy and retirement savings: your money MUST last longer!

Interview: Gary Murphy – Lexington, KY, Financial Engines advisor Gary Murphy joins the show to share simple tips and explains a change in mindset that can help investors reach retirement goals, even if it seems daunting or overwhelming. The most important thing you can do is start today!

LIVE Portfolio Review – This week’s portfolio review comes from Josh, who has Vanguard funds that may be concentrated too much in one sector. He also has some real estate investments, which exposes him to interest rate risk, but should he also look to add bonds to the mix?

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