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The more things change, the more they stay the same: How to adapt, protect, and preserve your retirement savings.

Air Date: Oct 20, 2018

As soon as we got used to all-time highs in the markets almost every single week, now we’re once again fighting a familiar foe: market volatility. Bob and Andy discuss the always-changing market conditions, and the importance of having a personalized, long-term financial plan. The one thing that’s still the same, however, is this can’t happen until you simply get started, and they offer a way for you to do that RIGHT now!

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The more things change, the more they stay the same – Just like riding a bike, swinging a golf club, or planting a garden, any task can be easy once you simply get started. The same is true with long-term financial planning, especially in light of recent market volatility! But how does one take that all-important first step? Bob and Andy offer a way you can do just that.

Conversation with Kyle Bingham? – Kyle Bingham, Senior Instructor at Financial Engines, shares how he helped his mom get a LOT more out of Social Security, and this all has to do with spousal benefits.

LIVE Portfolio Review – Larry is close to retirement, and has a sizeable 401k, but he’s concerned about how withdrawing from the 401k might impact Social Security payments. Andy explains how the earnings limits rule applies in Larry’s situation, which shows just how complicated claiming Social Security can be.

Social Security solvency – The Social Security trust fund has been taking in more money than it’s been paying out since 1984, but this net surplus is forecast to stop around 2020, when even more baby boomers will start claiming benefits. Should those near retirement be worried? And what can you do RIGHT NOW to help plan for it?

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