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The return of volatility or the return of normalcy?

Air Date: Feb 17, 2018

The recent spike in market volatility has the financial media in a tizzy. But Andy has an almost controversial idea: the last few weeks in the market were actually NORMAL. Join the conversation as Bob and Andy dissect the reasons behind recent stock market activity, look at historical market corrections and dips, and explain why there is reason to see opportunity even when the media spreads fear.

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Market volatility: A return to normalcy – Volatility has returned to the stock market and grabbed everyone’s attention. Andy gives his latest thoughts on why the stock market dropped, what are the main catalysts in the recent spike in volatility, and how he is helping clients see through the uncertainty and find opportunity.

History doesn’t repeat, but it often rhymes – The “doom and gloom” pundits are alive and well in the wake of recent market activity, but Andy takes a stroll down memory lane to put these last few weeks in a historical perspective. You might be surprised by what you don’t remember about historical stock market drops.

LIVE Portfolio Review – James has an IRA at Vanguard in the hugely popular Total Market Index fund. Andy notes that this fund is a classic example that sometimes you may think you have enough diversification when you really do not. In today’s dynamic economy, it’s critical to know WHAT you own, but also WHY you own it.

The start of a new bear market? – Many investors are worried about the possibility of a new bear market. Andy gets technical and reminds us that data tells the truth. With the help of Warren Buffet, the guys give reasons to be optimistic, and how investors can take advantage of the opportunity presented by recent market fluctuations!

Putting market drops into perspective

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