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The times they are a-changin’: GE out of the Dow Jones

Air Date: Jul 07, 2018

Bob is feeling a little melancholy over the news of GE getting kicked out of the Dow Jones Industrials. After all, the stock has been one of the Dow 30 for over 100 years, and represents more old-school, industrial American business. However, there are plenty of new-school, emerging sectors that are leading the economy forward. Plus, as we’ve reached the mid-way point of the year, Andy breaks down the second-quarter and year-to-date market performance…with charts!

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The times they are a-changin’ – It’s the end of an era, as GE has been kicked out of the Dow Jones after 111 years (see the chart below for the relative performance over the past year). This is a perfect example of how risky it is to hold too much in one stock position. Rather than dwell on the past, however, Bob and Andy take a look at new and emerging industries and sectors that are leading the economy forward, and the importance of setting goals as opposed to tracking just one market benchmark.

Full Conversation with Kyle Bingham – Special guest Kyle Bingham, Senior Instructor at Financial Engines, shares the story of how he helped his mother claim $10,000’s extra in Social Security. This story has everything to do with optimizing spousal benefits.

Q2 2018 Market Update – We’ve officially reached the half-way point of the year, so how have the markets been doing? Andy and Bob analyze second-quarter market performance from a year-to-date perspective, and discuss highlights (small-caps) and lowlights (emerging markets). Follow along with Andy’s analysis with the charts below!

LIVE Portfolio Review – John writes the show looking for advice on how to invest a nice sum of cash. However, Andy is worried about John’s allocation, which includes a HUGE position in tech stocks, plus a lot of stock overlap in his funds. Could this be a case where not taking enough risk is a risk in itself?

General Electric (GE) vs. Dow Industrials - 1 Year

Q2 Market Update Charts

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