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The Ultimate Truth-Seekers: Financial markets have no political bias

Air Date: Jun 09, 2018

The show rolls on into summer and as the guys explain, with Q1 earnings season over, this is historically a quiet time of year. But could the market knee-jerk react to news, especially ahead of the up-coming mid-term elections? Bob and Andy turn to JT Taylor, our resident Capitol Hill insider, to help keep you on the right side of headlines. Plus, Bill Tracy is back to share his latest chart pack and insights from the Financial Engines Research Center.

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Full interview with JT Taylor – Managing Director and Chief Political Strategist at Hedgeye Potomac Research, and good friend of the show, JT Taylor talks with Bob and Andy about the latest news and noise coming out of Washington D.C. As always, his is an unfiltered, unbiased insider’s view, and he doesn’t hold back!

Conversation with Don Luskin – Don Luskin is the Chief Investment Officer at Trend Macrolytics, who always shares fascinating insights into economic trends and stories from around the world. This time, Don walks us through a European history lesson to put the latest flare-up in the Italian bond market into context, plus he dives deep into currencies, the Iran deal, and much more.

LIVE Portfolio Review – In this week’s review, Andy praises Terry, who has done a great job planning, saving, and diversifying across assets. However, Andy is concerned that Terry subscribes to an investing idea called the “3 Bucket” approach. Could Terry actually be putting himself at risk by using an outdated financial “rule-of-thumb?”

Bill Tracy’s Chart Pack – Senior Analyst Bill Tracy is back to debate Game of Thrones theories with Andy… oh, and to share the latest charts and trends from the Financial Engines Research Center: a wrap-up of Q1 earnings and a preview of Q2; a look at the NASDAQ and Russell 2000 indexes; and, something called the “advance/decline line,” which just flashed a positive sign. Follow along with the charts below!

Bill Tracy's Chart Pack

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