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Time is a flat circle: A positive outlook on the inter-connected global economy

Air Date: Apr 14, 2018

Investing can be emotional, especially when there’s a non-stop flow of news stories that directly affect the markets. Andy re-assures listeners that there ARE positive trends around the globe, and you don’t need to ride this roller-coaster alone. Plus, Senior Investment Analyst Bill Tracy shares his charts and trends that the Research Center is following, including rising oil prices and sector performance.

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Time is a flat circle – It’s been a crazy couple of weeks in the news, from Facebook’s problems, to tensions in Syria, and the ongoing tussle with China over trade. All this has an impact on markets and can leave investors pretty emotional. But Andy helps you step back and focus on the bigger picture, including some very favorable signs he sees like corporate earnings and positive trends in the global economy.

Chart Pack with Bill Tracy – This week, Bill Tracy looks at stories and trends among individual sectors such as energy and oil prices, REITs, and tech. As Bill explains, unforeseen events can have a strong impact on individual sector performance and he explains how a diversified portfolio can help reduce the risk of these events. Follow along with the charts below!

LIVE Portfolio Review – Andy gives his take on Tom and his wife’s 401k allocation, along with whether or not it’s a good idea to downsize their home. Because Tom and his wife plan on living too 100, Andy puts together an aggressive portfolio for maximum growth to help not only get this couple TO retirement, but more importantly THROUGH retirement.

Age gap, longevity, and retirement – St. Louis area Financial Engines advisor Jeff Klever shares the story of Bill and Edith, a couple with a drastic age difference, and how he was able to help them better prepare for retirement, especially given the fact that women generally live longer than men. Bob and Andy consider how this longevity difference impacts other areas of financial planning, including Social Security, and how to start that conversation with your spouse.

Bill Tracy's Chart Pack

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