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What Goes Up Must Come Down? Not So Fast!

Air Date: Aug 12, 2017

As temperatures start to get a bit lower, the stock market keeps on rolling higher with the Dow Jones hitting another milestone last week: a record high 22,000 before worries over North Korea caused a small pullback. Bob questions Andy about the factors contributing to the record-setting numbers and what the future holds. Also, what do zombies have to do with your finances? Special guest Emily Guy Birkin joins the show to talk about her latest book about financial stress.

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What Goes Up Must Come Down? Not so fast! – As the Dow continues its record-setting pace this summer, financial media and Wall Street analysts wonder what can stop this market: recession, North Korea, debt, health care? Andy helps cut through the noise by telling why he remains optimistic that we are not in a bubble.

Zombies and Your Finances – Full interview with author Emily Guy Birkin. She talks about her latest book “End Financial Stress Now”, how zombies relate to financial stress, and how to have a healthy relationship with your money.

LIVE Portfolio Review – In an effort to be more balanced, diversified, and cost-effective, Tom is looking for advice about selling stocks in his IRA and moving to ETFs. Get your pencils ready, because Andy has plenty of recommendations!

Ask Andy: When Should I Take Social Security? – Calvin calls in puzzled about what age is best to start collecting Social Security. Andy gives some immediate things to think about, but Bob notes the complexity and why people need help when it comes to retirement planning.

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