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What’s next: Can the stock market keep climbing in the new year, or is a cold snap about to strike?

Air Date: Jan 06, 2018

As the great Yogi Berra once said, “It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future.” After a record-setting year in the stock market, many investors are wondering what’s next. Bob and Andy stress the importance of managing fear when it comes to financial planning. Plus, the guys reveal a free and easy way to make sure your portfolio is on the right track!

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What’s next for the stock market? – In a world full of fake news, noise, and lots of fear, a long-term, personalized plan is one way to move forward. The guys debunk some of the noise coming from financial pundits and look to a better source of investing wisdom: Warren Buffet. Plus, Andy offers a way to get help in keeping your emotions in check and portfolio on track.

True client story: Full Jeff Klever interview – Special guest Jeff Klever, Financial Engines advisor from St. Louis, joins the show to share a story about how he helped Bill and Edith unwind a questionable insurance product. As Jeff puts it, “Bill and Edith needed a second pair of eyes on this product.” Listen as Jeff helps unravel the flawed premise on which this product was sold.

LIVE portfolio review – Tom asks Andy about his IRA, which consists of 10 individual stocks. Tom wants to diversify and move into ETFs. Andy notes that it’s not a handful of magical investments that will take Tom to the promised land, but designing an overall asset allocation.

The “I” word: Inflation – Inflation is one of the risks that can disrupt your financial future and delay your dreams and it can be stealth-like. Andy gives a real-life example of this “silent killer,” and Bob asks the important question: Where are we right now with inflation, and what can we do to help keep our money working while reducing the risk of going broke in retirement?

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