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When is your age NOT your age?

Air Date: Apr 15, 2017

Your “biological age” is NOT necessarily the same as your “chronological age”, and this difference can have a huge effect on your retirement plan! Plus, Andy dives into some economic indicators for springtime.

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Happy days are here again – Feeling good about springtime, Easter weekend, plus stock market performance? Be careful not to simply look at one economic indicator, good or bad. Also, check out our Weekly Market Recap below!

When is your age NOT your age? - Bob asks a riddle, and Andy shows how there can be a difference between “biological age” and “chronological age”, which should factor into your financial decisions.

Ask Andy: Municipal Bonds - Dave from Richmond, Kentucky is curious about muni bonds, so Andy gives his thoughts, in increasing order of complexity, all the way up to the huge happenings in Puerto Rico.