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Where there is uncertainty, there is opportunity!

Air Date: Sep 22, 2018

The markets are moving fast, surging to new all-time highs again this week. But uncertainty is also on the rise, with news about interest rate hikes, talks about trade wars, and so many other political and social issues heating up. So, how can smart investors turn these variables into opportunities? Bob and Andy have an easy course of action to take RIGHT now, to get much-needed clarity and focus.

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Where there is uncertainty, there is opportunity – Despite the 9-year bull market and all-time highs this week, the world around us remains risky, volatile and uncertain. Whether it’s generating an income stream, navigating a rising interest rate environment, or paying for health care in retirement, every investor needs a personalized plan, and every plan needs a start. Bob and Andy provide a way for you to get started right now!

Chat with Don Luskin – Chief Investment Officer at Trend Macrolytics, Don Luskin is welcomed back to the show, this time to give his point of view about the latest talk of trade wars and interest rates. Don is a macroeconomics expert who provides a fascinating perspective on these stories and shares some practical tips on how to manage your way through this uncertain period.

Bill Tracy's Chart Pack – Bill Tracy, Senior Investment Analyst and CFA charter holder, is back this week with a fresh set of charts (see below), tackling the biggest trends right now: the tariffs on China and potential impact on American business, plus what we may see from the Fed next week, with a focus on inflation and interest rates.

LIVE Portfolio Review – Tom has an IRA with only 10 individual stocks. He’s looking to stay aggressive, but wants to be more balanced, diversified, and cost effective. Andy has plenty of practical advice for Tom, especially when it comes to diversification in this era of disruption and rapid change.

Bill Tracy's Chart Pack

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