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Why Do We Do This? A Real-Life Client Story

Air Date: Jul 29, 2017

More than just going through facts and figures, a financial advisor also helps clients realize their hopes and dreams for future generations. Cleveland area advisor Dominic Anzevino joins the show to tell a story that exemplifies this goal. Plus, a 500-year-old guide to becoming a billionaire!

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Why Do We Do This? A Real-Life Client Story – Financial Engines advisor Dominic Anzevino shares the story of one of his clients: A grandmother who is able to provide for her family, all due to proper planning. An example of how advisors can make a real difference in clients’ lives.

Seven Steps to Becoming a Billionaire! – The list of the world’s wealthiest people includes familiar and impressive names: Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, etc… But do you know who was the richest person in history? Andy shares a few of this man’s secrets to gaining his billions, many of which are still applicable today.

The Problem with Pensions - A conversation about the current state of some pension plans leads to this week’s Live Portfolio Review. Holly and her husband are not only maxing out their 401k contributions, but also hoping to have a pension from the electrical union. Will Andy think their plan is viable?

Wizard of Lies - The Bernie Madoff biopic shows how easy it is to fool really smart people. Hear the full conversation with John Bunch, President of Financial Engines Advisors, as he shares his first-hand account of the Madoff story.

Jakob Fugger’s 7 Steps to Becoming a Billionaire

1. Invest when others fear - have some cash reserves and when stocks drop, take advantage

2. Become indispensable to your employer or customers - find something only you can to add value

3. Fugger created world’s first news service. Find and apply good information – it’s easier than ever to find investing information on the Internet

4. Know the numbers - Fugger was among first to apply double-entry bookkeeping invented in Italy; check your financial situation on a regular basis: quarterly or annually

5. Educate yourself - Fugger was mentored in Venice, the business capital of his time; learn from a professional financial advisor who’s a fiduciary

6. Keep your cool - never mix emotions with money

7. Give something back - Fugger created world’s first affordable housing; If you’re in the position, give something back because you’ll be amazed at how it feels

20 Years of (AMZN)

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Pension Lump Sum Calculator

Are you faced with the critical choice of taking a lump sum versus annuitizing a pension? Start with this calculator from Financial Engines.

How Working Can Affect Your Social Security Benefits

Did you know you can get Social Security retirement or survivor benefits and work at the same time? Check out this guide from the Social Security Administration.

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